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Disable WordPress Updates & Glitches

(4 customer reviews)

$10.00 $5.00

After Payment, You will get a download option in your dashboard.
*can use for business purpose.



can be used for making dashboard clean and clear

  1. Step1: Buy the plugin, stop piracy.
  2. Step2: Download plugin from- my-account/downloads/
  3. Step3: Open your website’s admin panel, go to- wp-admin/plugins.php, add new, upload the plugin, click on install now, activate.


  • will work with any future version of wordPress.
  • will solve glitches, notifications, unwanted updates

4 reviews for Disable WordPress Updates & Glitches

  1. Juber

    superb, lightest weight plugin I have ever seen!
    Thanks Manish.

  2. sameera

    My dashboard was full with notifications and glitches, all gone, thanks Manish. 🙂

  3. Lorembum

    I created one website in wordpress version 4.3, It’s updated to version 5; and all of my stuffs stopped working, will this plugin will help in stopping WordPress version updates so that I can make stable websites.

    • manish (verified owner)

      Yes it will.

  4. sandra

    Someday, I will call you for tutorials, Teach me Man.

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