Manish Pushkar Jha

Full Stack Web Developer
October 26, 2021
1:56 pm

Daily News- A light weight SEO friendly Bootstrap 5 template

120 Views  •  April 29th, 2021  •  2 minutes read

It was really a fun to play around with Bootstrap 5 core classes. Few months back Bootstrap 5 was introduced by Bootstrap Community, they have removed jQuery from this version of bootstrap to make it more flexible and responsive, main reason was to maintain the speed and google page speed insights of the webpages.

New features are listed below:

  • CSS custom properties
  • Improved customizing docs
  • Updated forms
  • Updated Carousels
  • Utilities API
  • Enhanced grid system
  • Coming soon: RTL, offcanvas, and more

However, offcanvas is my fav part which I implemented in my past projects by writing bunch of jQuery for them. If Bootstrap is giving core classes for offcanvas menu, that will be awesome to work with.

I have created a new HTML/ Bootstrap 5 based template, which is completely based on Bootstrap 5 core classes, less number of external CSS, which makes the template lightening fast, and showing good impact on google page speed insights.

I have maintained SEO friendly ‘codes, tags and divs’ which will result high on SEO performance.

Template Details:

  • light weight, SEO friendly, speed optimized
  • demo link
  • Royalty-Free Stock Images, taken from PixabayCanvaUnsplash
  • v 1.0 release date: 29-04-2021
  • stable release
  • light weight
  • SEO optimized
  • speed optimized
  • made with Bootstrap 5
  • can be used for any kind of blog/ news layout
  • CMS friendly, can use with any CMS e.g WordPress, Drupal, AEM, Joomla etc.
  • font family Righteous, Advent Pro (free google web fonts)