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Nature needed all its creations together to create beauty

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Once upon a time, there was a king named Arunodaya, who was ecstatic to enjoy the comforts of a beautiful garden in his palace backyard. He was always looking at the variety of flowers that were of different smells, sizes, and colours. while he took comfort from their beauty, he constant thought of how lucky he was to house these flowers that many in the kingdom had never even set eyes on.

One day, king Arunodaya glanced upon a butterfly that was perched on one of his flowers, dipping on the nectar.
The king immediately flew into rage, worried that the charm of the garden will be lost. He called for his soldiers immediately and ordered them to care for the garden in a way that not even a single bird or insect be allowed to enter his garden.

The bemused soldiers followed the king’s instructions and killed every bird, butterfly and bee in the garden.

One month later, to the king’s disappointment, he noticed that his entire garden had begun loosing its the charm. The garden looked like a deserted, dark, damp alley, devoid of any life and beauty.

After another month, the king became melancholy when he saw that whole garden had turned into a savage blend of weeds and bushes.

The king had finally learnt his lesson: Nature needed all its creations together to create beauty. He immediately took back his order and allowed all birds and butterflies to enter the garden. Within two weeks, the garden began to glow with the beauty that only nature can behold.

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