Manish Pushkar Jha

Full Stack Web Developer
October 26, 2021
2:27 pm

I have seen your old blog posts. Why are you not taking side of web builders?

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Hi Manish,

I am 10 years experienced web developer. I have created more then 100 websites in wordpress using premium themes and webpage builders like visual composer, elementor, toolset, beaver and so on.

WordPress itself is coming with Gutenberg builder so web builders can’t be bad, what you say.



Glad to hear you are 10 experienced person and amazed to hear you have used only premium themes, why you didn’t try coding your own wordpress themes, you are developer, a pro with well experience in technology.

  • WordPress introduced Gutenberg website page builder in December 2018, wordpress 5.0
  • People who were using other web page builders e.g visual composer, their websites stopped working suddenly as an auto or manual update of wordpress, or their database corrupted
  • This major update impacted their business, this could be disabled but so many developers were not aware of what to do and what not to do, so many developers installed and re-installed so many plugins, some of them worked some not, resulted a lot of spams attacks, people said culprit is wordpress but …
    – could be solved like this http://localhost/self/manish/how-to-stop-disable-inbuilt-gutenberg-web-builder/
  • If tomorrow wordpress will disable ‘web-page builder service’ in future update, then what a website owner will do? He will start searching for a developer again? is this recommended??
    – no
  • Web-page builders can be recommended for small agencies, 4-5 pages websites not more then that
  •  Web-page builders can’t be dynamic for CPT’s
  • Web-page builders can’t score good in SEO
  • Web-page builders can’t score good in ‘page speed insights’, check your websites here
  • If you are making a CMS website from scratch, you can easily change UI, whenever you want; if not you will have to recreate whole database again and again manually
  • You can create your own plugins too, if required

I can only suggest ‘what is good for business’, now it totally depends upon people what they want, rework?