Manish Pushkar Jha

Full Stack Web Developer
April 16, 2021
10:34 pm

What kind of websites we can make with WordPress? A must read Article for developers and project owners.

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We don’t have to choose any platform blindly, if we need a stable website. Little research is required for what you are going to make, what you have to achieve, what is your business needs etc. Your design and development architecture should be the first priority in terms of getting the best for business.

What is WordPress?

WordPress (WP, is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.

Who is using WordPress?

40% of the web is built on WordPress. More bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined. vs, what is the difference?

The key difference between and is who’s actually hosting your website.  Many people have a confusion that if they will make their website in WordPress their domain URL will be which is not true, you can create a WordPress Website with our own custom domain too, it’s opensource CMS.

If you need a custom theme, custom plugin from scratch or willing to choose a theme manually which is not in WordPress directories go with, download the latest version of WordPress and start building your website. is recommended to the people who doesn’t have coding skills, not recommended for developers or manual themes.

Once one interviewer asked me, do you upload your custom themes to, as without that how someone can make a website in WordPress, may be the interviewer had mistaken or didn’t explore WordPress before interviewing, so Dear Interviewer this block is for you 😀 !

What Kind of Websites we can make with WordPress?

WordPress is recommended for small scale to medium scale websites, and is recommended for ‘come, have a look and go kind of websites’, for example any company website or portfolio, it’s not at all recommended for large web applications.

we can make:

  • blog websites
  • corporate identity websites
  • portfolio websites
  • business directories
  • questions and answers
  • small scale learning management systems
  • mid level e-commerce websites

Reason behind is, if the MySQL size will exceed some limit, website will become slow or will crash for regular intervals of time, no matter which hosting space/ server you do use.

Will IIS Server SQL will work with WordPress?

Yes, you can install WordPress in IIS Server, but SQL will respond little slow as compare to MySQL. Reason behind this is PHP always works better with Linux environment and WordPress CMS is written in PHP language.

What to do to make Your WordPress Website Secure and Spam free?

Most of the people thinks that someone hacked their Website, we are not living in 90’s and no one has the time to sit and hack your website continuously. These are spam bots which is sent over the hosting spaces, so if you are not maintaining code privacy it may affect your websites through spam injections to all files or via contact forms.

Maintain the code standards and do the following:

  • Avoid third party premium themes/ plugins and try to code by yourself
    – If you will code by yourself, the website itself will be 70% secure, reason behind this is some plugin scripts load from the plugin author website, so if there website is affected or down, your website will have affects too.
  • Use SSL and maintain Google captcha/ recaptcha
    – will save you from contact form spam attacks
  • can write security scripts in ‘config.php’
  • If you are an individual and don’t know coding, can use spam shields as a plugin.

Some Review from my past experience:

  • We can’t make large scale LMS or code repo in WordPress, you will get developers who will say, yes! we can do this via abc plugins and after couple of months they will raise their hands, be wise save your time and budget.
    Right way to do this is core php or, No! you can’t achieve this with any CMS! Hire a Good Design Architect and choose technologies wisely. Do the best, give your clients the best.
  • We can’t make Amazon or Flipkart in WordPress/ WooCommerce or any CMS, go with custom codes from scratch
  • We Can’t make social media websites on WordPress, some plugins like BuddyPress are available but not recommended for a stable website, they call bunch of spams

I know almost 20 people who laughed first, then returned back to me after couple of months and said – Manish! You were right! As a developer my job role is to suggest you the best for business! That’s what I do always. Rest of all depends upon you and your team! 😀 Happy Coding 🙂